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Submitted on
December 18, 2011
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I lay one my blood stained bed
night after never ending night
i look at my arms whose blood has been shed
slashed open left and right.

no one hears these voices
no one cares to listen to my screams
no one dares give me choices
they rarely ever let me dream

I'm so lost in my anger,
my heart's some sort of disease
i put all our lives in danger
with a simple melody

no food I'd rather starve.
no air I'd rather drown
no flesh's been left un-carved
as my house crashes down.

no this isn't my home
no this isn't my family
trapped in this house i am alone
i need to find my skeleton key

that women is not my mother
nor that man my dad
that simple boy is not my brother
a family I've never had.

so I'll lie awake
and I'll regret every breath
there's not much more i can take
because I've got nothing left

i cant wait it out any longer
i cant stand another year
as i grow weak they grow stronger.

I have to find my way out of here.
i was really sad
and fun fact there really are blood stains on my mattress honestly
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Lilsisterfriend Dec 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
"breathe" i think you meant "breath". This has some interesting points, but I think you can do better. other than that the way you turn a phrase has an almost shakesperian quality.
i think?
I can relate to this a bit. ;_;
I feel like this alot if u ever need to talk I'm here for u
thank you thats very kind like wise for you im here almost everyday just note me i promise i'll answer if you want to talk
Ok thank u:) and I'm not sure if ur a Christian or not but u always pray to god he wil always be there for u many scripture in the bible shows god comforts those in need.. :) my favorite scripture and it helps me thru hard time when I have no one to talk to at psalms34:18 it says god is near to those broken at heart and those who are crushed he saves..... So this shows that if we ever feel
broken or crushed god is there also the z

scripture psalms 94:14 says for Jehovah will
not forsake his people nor will he leave his inheritance so this shows like a loving parent
who tells there child I'm right here I'll never
leave Jehovah or god is saying the same thing he says in many scriptures he will never leave us
im not riligious i was but it made my depression worse to be honest

music's my religion
the dance floor's my heaven
and writing's my prayers
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